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Having us speak at your event or teach our signature parents and doula courses will be just the thing your birth community needs to become bigger, stronger, and more united; especially in the areas of increasing VBAC and reducing the overall Cesarean rate.

Our mission is to make birth after Cesarean better by providing education, support, and a community of like-minded people. Owned by us, Julie Francom and Meagan Heaton, VBAC moms, doulas, educators, and doula trainers, we have supported over 700 women on their individual VBAC journeys and have a community of thousands of women all over the world. Our reach is far, wide, and impactful.

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Julie Francom, CLD-CBI, MBA:


Julie has been a doula for over four years and enjoys preparing women for the birth they desire. Her favorite part of birth is the "I did it!" moment: that moment when labor is over, baby is finally in the mother’s arms, and pure joy fills the room. She currently has four kids under seven years of age and lives with her husband and kiddos in Lehi, Utah. She had complications at the end of her first pregnancy resulting in an emergency C-section four weeks before her due date. Her second baby was a VBAC at home with an amazing birth team; it was very primal and instinctual and changed how she views birth, her own babies, and herself. It was after this experience that she realized that birth work was her calling. She  wanted to help as many women as she could feel in control of their birth story, no matter how it unfolds. She has had two more VBACs since and is so grateful to be able to work to increase education on VBAC and Cesarean prevention.

Meagan Heaton, CD-DONA, AD-MCU:


Meagan has supported over 200 women during their pregnancies and births. A VBA2C mom, her drive is to help women like herself feel educated, supported, and empowered during their birthing time. She began her journey five years ago as a pregnant mother hoping to have a VBAC. After having an unexpected Cesarean with her first child, she was looking forward to having her second baby vaginally. Unfortunately, with an unsupportive team and lack of education on her part, it ended in a repeat C-section. Three days later, she registered for her first doula course. With her third pregnancy, she was much more educated. She knew she could achieve a vaginal birth this time, and she did! She was so grateful for all the love she had and the supportive team which led to her incredible VBA2C. She is VBAC passionate and excited to continue helping women all over the world achieve the birth of their dreams.

Julie Francom

Meagan Heaton

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