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Updated: May 30, 2019

Welcome! I am so glad you are here!! I am Julie Francom, founder of Utah VBAC Link. As a VBAC Mom and professional doula I saw a HUGE need for a detailed VBAC and Cesarean prevention education system and support model. It was frustrating to me that there was not one place that a woman and her partner could use to find out what they need to know in a simple, consolidated format. Making sense of the medical talk and determining what is truly necessary can feel almost impossible.

Together with experienced doula and VBA2C mom, Meagan Heaton, we have you covered! Along with doula support we teach real world, evidence based, and comprehensive VBAC and cesarean prevention classes. We do this so you can have an educated conversation with your provider to determine what is truly best for your birth and feel confident in that decision.

We are starting a movement, a way for women like us, like you, to be heard! Share your VBAC or Cesarean story with #WhyWeVBAC and tag @TheVBACLink.

While you are at it, check our our NEW website at www.TheVBACLink.com! Browse around and use our contact form to send us feedback, what you love, what needs work, and what you want to see MORE of!​

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Have you checked out our podcast yet? Here is our first episode, a nice introduction into who we are and what we have to offer you.

Want exclusive access to the exact affirmations Meagan and Julie used to achieve their successful VBACs? Download your FREE printable affirmations here.

Did you know? We offer online VBAC preparation classes and VBAC Doula Certification. Click here to learn more and book now!!

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