#WhyWeVBAC Meagan's Story

Updated: May 16, 2019

Pregnancy is something I was excited to experience. When I saw those double pink lines, life suddenly changed.

As the weeks and months carried on and I grew larger and larger I started to become more tired like most moms do. I was almost to that magical date and I was miserable, swollen and aching all over. I wanted to do anything I could to have this baby. I did all the "stuff" running, jumping, swinging, spicy foods, sex, you name it I was doing it.

Finally, late one night my water broke! I was so EXCITED!! As most doctors do, I was told to come in as soon as my water broke. I grabbed my husband and we were on the way to the hospital.

Contractions were slow coming.

I was dilated to a 1 upon arrival.

They told me I needed to lie down in the bed in order to get a good reading, even though I was very uncomfortable.

Two hours later I had progressed to 2cm.

Contractions were still slow.

They started pitocin to speed things up.

With the pitocin everything was much harder to deal with. They continued to increase the dosage and after two more hours, I was dilated to a 3. I was told that I needed to remain in the bed to have continuous monitoring, especially now that I was on pitocin. Pitocin made the contractions unbearable for me and I was offered an epidural. Exhausted and in pain, I agreed. After being at the hospital for 11 hours, my doctor told me that my body did not know how to go into labor (failure to progress), and that my pelvis was too small to birth my baby. He said that we needed to go to the O.R. for a c-section.

When I left the hospital I was tired and confused but still content with my precious baby girl. After learning more I couldn't help but look back and wonder what would have happened if I was able to learn more prior to the birth. There were so many things that, had I been better prepared, could have changed the outcome. The hospital staff rushed me and my body into a labor it was not yet ready for. After not meeting their quick labor expectations I was sent for a surgery I later realized was not necessary.

Listen to Meagan's successful VBA2C story on our podcast below.

Download the exact affirmations Meagan used to help her through her VBA2C here.

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