Why Mother's Intuition is your Most Powerful VBAC Tool

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

We talk a lot about intuition in our VBAC classes and on our VBAC podcast but, what exactly does that mean? We are going to dive into it right here for you and explain exactly what we mean.

What is Intuitive Birth?

Intuition is something that everyone has. Using your intuition during your pregnancy and VBAC journey is something that can truly help determine your outcome. You may have heard of the term "mama knows best". Anytime I hear that statement I hear the song on Rapunzel. Although that mama didn’t know best, YOU DO. That initial gut feeling that you have is typically your intuition. In life situations come up and options are given. That also happens during pregnancy, labor, birth, and even postpartum. You know best, following your intuition is key. Today we want to talk about a couple things that are so important when following your intuition.

Dealing with Fear

Turning to your intuition during an event such as birth may be harder to do then when you’re in normal day to day activities. Knowing the risks and alternatives can help you truly be able to follow your intuition. Once you have the information it’s easier to make the best choice for you. A doula can help you know and use the B.R.A.I.N acronym so you can feel educated and supported on the decisions that you make. We talk all about how to use our B.R.A.I.N. and all the interventions that could be presented in our VBAC Prep course,

Don’t be scared to ask for some time or space if options are given to you. As long as it's reasonable and there is not an emergency, you should always be given and allowed time. It can be easy to ignore your gut feelings and push them aside if you have fear. Be honest with yourself and trust yourself- you do know best.

Trusting your Intuition

Birth doesn’t always happen exactly how we envision it or plan it. That is okay. If you are able to go into the situation knowing that you made the best decision for you and your baby it can truly help the way you look at your birth experience in the end. It may be hard to have major changes like changing providers, transferring locations, receiving interventions you didn’t want it or even not receiving them when you did.

“Women who experience all of these changes and who have little to no control over the decision- making process as changes are happening tend to use negative adjectives when describing their overall birth experience; for example, 'defeated,' 'frustrated,' and “traumatizing.” When women experience a smaller degree of change and maintain some level of control over the decision making around these changes to their plan, the changes do not have a negative impact on their overall birth experience. This is connected to positive reflections on the overall birth experiences, including words like 'fantastic,' 'empowering,' and 'supported.'" (Cook, 2012).

Gathering as much education before entering the birthing space is encouraged. If your gut is telling you something don’t hesitate to listen to it. As women we often let loyalty or the fear of hurting someone's feelings get in the way of our own feelings and intuition. Although it is important to have loyalty and care about the people around us we need to try not and let that get in the way of what our mamas intuition is telling us. With my second birth I truly feel the outcome of my birth would have been very different if I had followed my intuition. I was 36 weeks pregnant and scared to hurt my doctors feelings and scared no one else would take me that late in pregnancy. My heart and gut said I shouldn’t be there but I was simply too scared to leave. I wish I would have known that it was okay to change and follow my heart.

Mama’s Intuition is real and it's powerful. Keep educating yourselves and know that mama knows best. We are proud of you. Keep going mama’s you’re strong and you can do this!

Listen to episode 25 on our podcast for a story about Jenn who allowed her intuition to guide her through five VERY different birth experiences.

The mind is a powerful birth tool and can affect so many things in the body. Download our free fear release activity to use to clear your mind and release your fears for birth.

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