5 Steps to Get Your Partner on Board with VBAC

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

Something we get asked A LOT from women wanting a VBAC is how can they get their husband/partner on board with that desire? In today's podcast, we talk with Lyn Christian, our business mentor, who also happens to be an expert in conversational intelligence and helping people reinvent themselves and reinvigorate their relationships helps walk us through having those hard conversations. You can find out more about her and her company at www.soulsalt.com

In a separate podcast last year, Lyn talks about the Trust Model, where each letter of the word “trust” indicates a little cue that we can use to help people stay in their executive brain and not go into a primitive mindset or primitive behavior. 

The Trust Model:

  • T in trust stands for being transparent, being willing to share context, being willing to be a bit more vulnerable than maybe you have in the past. Be transparent. Let people see where you’re coming from, what you’re thinking, what you’re feeling, what you’re wanting. And ask them what are they thinking, feeling, wanting, needing in the situation?

  • The second letter R stands for building respect, and building the relationship. So, share with one another, join with one another, come from a place of respect and a desire to build the relationship.

  • The U in trust stands for understanding the other person’s perspective. Stand under their umbrella of perspective. How do they see the world? What are they thinking? What are they wanting?

  • The S in trust is to create a vision of shared success. Give support to people, and find out what success looks like to them. Be reciprocal and share what success looks like to you.

  • And finally, the last T. Tell the truth. Get to the reality of what’s going on. Keep peeling the onion, and make sure that you are having an open, honest conversation.

Carry this little note about trust around with you, and practice it over the next 5 days. See how many conversations you can have where you build trust, and you build the relationship.

Check out the full episode on Apple Podcasts and learn even more useful tips for having those hard conversations on our podcast page or, just click the play button below. 

Grab your free worksheet Let's Talk About VBAC here to help guide you and your partner through these 5 steps in order to understand each other better and prepare a plan for your birth that you are both confident in. 

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