Benefits of Chiropractic Care for VBAC

When I was preparing for my VBAC with my second child, I heard so many people tell me that I should see a chiropractor. Honestly, I was against it. I had always viewed chiropractors as quacks. I took many suggestions but I just couldn’t get myself to go to the chiropractor. Fast forward after both of my Cesareans: I learned I was expecting again. This time, I was finding myself researching more and truly learning how a chiropractor can impact a birth. When I got into it, I was blown away. It turns out that a chiropractor and pregnancy, especially VBAC, go together like bread an butter!

I decided to find a good, Webster-trained chiropractor in our area. I was really nervous for my first visit, but after the adjustment I felt so amazing and loved how much he helped me feel comfortable. I continued going to see him through pregnancy and continued to feel good.

My midwife also worked with a chiropractor who specializes in pregnancy, so she suggested I see her as well. I started seeing her mid-pregnancy anytime I drove up to see my midwife and then on the off weeks I went to my other chiropractor. When it came time for labor to begin, my baby was posterior and my sacrum was twisted. I had a visit scheduled with my chiropractor that morning, so I went to go see her. She adjusted me until I felt good and then I went to see my midwife to get an update on how I was doing. I was 1cm and 80% effaced. I was so bummed. After eight more hours, my midwife suggested we meet up at the birth center and get a game plan. It was to my surprise when my chiropractor walked in with her. She said she wanted to work on me a little and see what was going on. She adjusted me and we made a plan for me to go home and rest and see what labor did.

To this day, I believe she had so much to do with my baby being so low and ready to come vaginally. After all of that, let me tell you: SEE A CHIROPRACTOR. You may be amazed at how much they can help you.

Why Does Chiropractic Care Help?

Seeing a chiropractor to help you get balanced and aligned for your baby’s arrival is important. Attending a chiropractor after the first trimester is fantastic, because this gets you on the right track to being balanced. We suggest finding someone who is Webster-trained and/or is trained to work with pregnant women.

He/she can help balance your pelvis and get your body ready for a vaginal birth. As baby grows, there can be body aches, spasms, bad posture, and a lack of decent sleep. Chiropractors can show you effective stretches to help take some or all of this discomfort away. If your pelvis and/or spinal alignment is off or your sacrum is out of place, it is possible that your baby will not come down into the pelvis in the correct way. This doesn’t mean it’s impossible to get the baby in the correct spot; however, it could cause extra discomfort during pregnancy and labor.

Where can I find a Webster Certified Chiropractor?

If you click this link, you can search for a great Webster-trained and certified chiropractor near you: We also suggest reaching out to your local community and getting referrals for a great chiropractor who may even specialize in pregnancy and has helped women on their VBAC journeys.

Special note: Feel free to ask if your chiropractor may be able to join you at your birthing location when you’re in labor.

Check our out podcast! Episode 52 is all about our friend, Destiny who made Chiropractic care a regular part of her VBAC journey. Her chiropractor even adjusted her while she was in labor!

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