Hey doula! We believe in making birth after Cesarean better, preparing to support VBAC parents easy, enjoyable, and with a community of like-minded birth workers.

We are so excited to have you here with us! We have developed our curriculum specifically based on the experiences we have had as VBAC moms and professional doulas specializing in VBAC. We want you to be 100% prepared to handle the unique challenges that VBAC clients face in the birth world, so we have created this comprehensive VBAC Doula Certification program. When complete, you will have an increased knowledge of VBAC and the emotions, politics, and data surrounding it.

We've got all the essential tools you need to get educated about VBAC!

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What birth workers like you are saying

These ladies are awesome! I took their VBAC doula certification class and was given valuable information and tools to help future clients with. As a VBAC mom myself, it was so nice to refresh my knowledge and walk out with a huge boost of confidence!

Kasaundra T

I am a home birth CNM [Certified Nurse Midwife], These doulas are on point! I'm referring all my VBAC clients to [The VBAC Link]. They are interesting and give great info. Also, a wide variety of topics and guests.

Terrie, CNM

As a birth doula who specializes in VBAC, I am thrilled to support The VBAC Link. It is the highlight of every Wednesday morning when I get their newest podcast. I recommend to all of my VBAC clients. It's encouraging and educational. Thanks Julie and Meagan for all your efforts!

Julie P

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