We are Julie (right) and Meagan (left). We help people like you learn to take charge of their birth after Cesarean and optimize their VBAC birth support every single day. Are you ready to step up your VBAC support game or learn how to increase your chances of VBAC success? Let's do this!

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VBAC Classes and Certifications

Both online, self-paced and in person options available.

We want you to be 100% satisfied with our course. If you are not completely happy, we will give you 100% of your money back. No questions asked.


You’ll get a full, prompt, and friendly refund and we will part as friends. No questions, no debate, all the pressure is on us. You have absolutely nothing to lose.


What if you could...

Feel stronger and more prepared for birth?

Be confident and thriving on your birthing day?

Tell the difference between information based on facts vs. fear?

Have a community of women who get you?

Know how to really tell if your provider is VBAC supportive?

Match your feelings about what you want with factual and up-to-date information?

Feel 100% in control of your pregnancy and birth?


What if you could...

Be 100% confident in your ability to support VBAC parents?

Know all of the evidence-based information and research about VBAC?

Have tools to help you guide your client through trauma processing?

Know how to really tell if your client's provider is VBAC supportive?

Match your real-life experience with VBAC with factual and up-to-date information?

Know how to identify the warning signs of uterine rupture and how to respond?

The Advanced Doula Training is awarded 4 CEU's from ICEA

In an ideal world,VBAC parents would be treated just like any other birthing parents.

While there are certain VBAC risks however, they are often over dramatized and parents aren't given the chance for VBAC. We are here to change that!

However, we have to work together to change things and that is one of the reasons we created these courses: to educate, inspire, and change the attitude surrounding VBAC, one parent at a time. 

It’s easy to feel like we need to figure it all out on our own. That’s what we used to do, and it was the loneliest, most ineffective thing we’ve ever done.

why do it alone when we can do it together?

We are Julie Francom & Meagan Heaton and we created The VBAC Link Courses for parents and doulas just like you!

Why? Because we were there, a few years back, asking ourselves if we could really VBAC and even support VBAC parents. We made some BIG changes, and now? 

We are handing over the exact education and tools we used to inform ourselves as moms preparing for VBAC and as doulas to support VBAC parents. 
"I saw the value in the small details that Meagan and Julie took the time and research to find. The facts and the resources to back it all up are amazing. I will utilize the last few pages of the book a lot and thank Julie and Meagan for doing such a great job at giving us the resources we need to be confident in our learning." 

Trista B.

Just what is in these courses, you ask?

 Advanced VBAC Doula Certification

  • What makes a VBAC parent different?
  • Essential VBAC stats & facts.
  • VBAC and C-section risks & benefits.
  • Red flags for providers and birthplace.
  • Safely avoiding C-sections.
  • Signs of uterine rupture in labor.
  • What to expect during TOLAC.
  • Emotional needs of doula & client.
  • Access to powerful resources.
  • 100+ page full color VBAC course workbook.
  • Certificate at the end of the course and a listing on our VBAC Doula Directory.
  • Attend either local (in Utah) or online, in a self-paced format.
  • 4 ICEA CEUs are awarded at the end of the training.
  • Find the full certification requirements here.

 Parents VBAC Prep Course

  • Mental and physical VBAC preparation.

  • Processing previous birth(s).

  • Essential VBAC stats & facts.

  • VBAC and C-section risks & benefits.

  • Choosing the right provider and birthplace.

  • The history of Cesarean and VBAC.

  • Safely avoiding C-sections.

  • Making sense of interventions.

  • What to expect during labor. 

  • Navigating your birth space.

  • Access to powerful resources.

  • Worksheets to help guide you through your specific birthing needs.

  • 100+ page full-color VBAC course workbook.

  • Attend either local (in Utah) or online, in a self-paced format.

"The VBAC Link has been a wealth of information for me as a doula! It has given me resources and education to better support my clients who are planning for a VBAC birth. I feel more confident and prepared with the information I share with them, the way I support them at their birth, and in my coaching sessions with couples. Thank you for putting together this program!" 

Amy D.

I know I need this! What will it cost me?

These courses are designed for those who want to take their VBAC knowledge to the next level. They want a complete system, a step-by-step roadmap that shows exactly what they need to know about birth after Cesarean. This course shows you the importance of mental and physical preparation, how to process previous birth trauma, what the REAL facts are around VBAC and uterine rupture, what to expect on the birthing day, and even more VBAC-specific information for you to use to prepare for your complete and perfect birth or birth support experience. What would it look like to have ALL the information you need in one place, backed by a community of support to rally with you all through the process? The total value of this course is over $350; however...

You can get enrolled today for just $189!

Oh, and a little more about us...

Here at The VBAC Link, we believe in making birth after Cesarean better by providing education, support, and a community of like-minded people. 

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