VBAC Doula Certification Requirements

Congratulations on starting your VBAC doula certification journey.

After you have completed the course, work through each of the three steps found below. After completing the course reflection in step one, you will be listed on our doula directory as a VBAC trained doula. Once you complete all three steps, you will be listed as a VBAC Certified Doula and listed at the top of the directory.

Feel free to submit each step as you complete them. Once all three steps are submitted, we will send you your Certified VBAC Doula Certificate, the VBAC Doula logo to use on your website and other relevant material,.

Step One

After completing the training course, submit the course reflection form. This step will get you listed as a VBAC trained doula in our directory; make sure to do it as soon as you complete the course. 

Step Two

After completing the VBAC training, attend two VBAC clients as a doula. Please note, all TOLAC births count, even if it does not end in a VBAC.


Step Three

After completing steps 1 and 2, fill out this updated contact form and feedback. This step will list you as a certified doula in our directory and give you a priority listing.

What's Next?

We update our doula directory on Mondays. The Monday after you complete step 3, you should see the following in your inbox:

  • An Advanced VBAC Doula certificate

  • A nice VBAC doula badge that you can share on your website or anywhere else. 

  • Some guidelines on how to properly use our brand logos and your certification credentials. 

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