Welcome to our circle, we are so glad you are here! Along with being doulas and moms, we have a passion for all things VBAC and empowering parents to play an active role in their pregnancy and birth. Our goal is to make YOUR birth after Cesarean better.

With 4 kids under 6, Julie (right) is always caffeinated and takes pride in finding new ways to encourage her kids to help tidy up. Current fave: cleaning dance parties!

Meagan (left) is always on the go. Between doulaing for clients, running half marathons, and speaking and teaching about VBAC she likes long walks around the block with her husband at night so they can connect and catch up.


Co-Owner, MBA, CLD(CBI)

Julie has been a doula for over three years and enjoys preparing women for the birth they desire. Her favorite part of birth is the "I did it!" moment; that moment when labor is over, baby is finally in mothers arms, and pure joy fills the room.

Co-Owner, CD(DONA), AD(MCU)

Meagan has supported over 150 women during their pregnancy and birth. A VBA2C mom, her drive is to help women like herself feel educated, supported, and empowered during their birthing time. 

Our Mission

Here at The VBAC Link, we believe in making birth after Cesarean better by providing education, support, and a community of like minded people. Welcome to our circle, we are so glad you are here!

Our Logo

The inspiration behind the logo is that, at The VBAC Link, we are working to link, or connect, and educate birthing parents with supportive providers and doulas to create the perfect birth experience and a supportive community. We chose five people linking hands to represent the birthing parent, the birth partner, the child, the provider, and the doula.

We operate The VBAC Link based on four core values: integrity, authenticity, credibility, and relationships. We believe in being honest, open, and transparent in everything we do and say. You can be sure that whatever information we put out, in our courses, the blog, social media,  or otherwise, is backed up by a credible study or organization. We foster relationships with as many people as we can in order to build a safe and supportive community full of people who understand each other and help build each other up. 


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