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All doulas listed here have completed The VBAC Link Advanced Doula Training. The Certified Doulas have completed additional steps to become certified including attending VBAC births and analyzing their experiences. 

Please note: This is a list of doulas who have taken our Advanced VBAC Doula Certification course. Each doula operates their business independently of The VBAC Link. We encourage you to download our doula interview questionnaire and have your own questions ready to find the doula that best meets your specific needs. 

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Brooke Volpe

Philadelphia/New Jersey

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Nicole Sawyers Todd

Philadelphia/South Jersey

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Mallori Berry Cain

Philadelphia/South Jersey

Benefits of Hiring a VBAC Trained/Certified Doula

Doulas that have taken our training know all the facts and evidence surrounding VBAC pregnancy and birth. They are 100% ready to coach you through your unique needs. Their education is based on evidence and information from the leading VBAC resources.

If you have taken our VBAC Parents Prep Course, your knowledge will match up with their knowledge perfectly, making them an even better fit for your birth.

VBAC Certified Doulas have attended at LEAST two VBAC births and completed reviews detailing their support throughout those births. Through the certification process, they have perfected their ability to support VBAC parents. 

Maximize your birth experience with your VBAC doula by taking our signature How to VBAC Prep Course where you will learn how to find a supportive provider, how to understand the red flags for your birth team and location, the facts and stats surrounding uterine rupture and VBAC, and so much more. What to know how to increase your chances for VBAC success? Everything you need to know is in this course. Enroll today!

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